19 June 2014

FAQ: Your Research

Frequently Asked Questions
Are you doing this research on behalf of another organisation?
No. I am conducting this as an independent researcher, with measures in place to ensure I maintain the national standards of ethical research, as well as speaking to various ethical committees and universities who will be assisting me in creating a thorough, ethically-sound survey. I have a Degree in Health Promotion & Diploma in Theology.
 Is the online questionnaire independent of Facebook?
The questionaire will be run through an independent survey company (such as Survey Monkey) with a high security program. The Facebook page is simply for more information on the project and a place to click the link once it's ready. https://www.facebook.com/events/712092205503080/#
Is it anonymous?
My main priority is on confidentiality and anonymity of all survey participants. To ensure this, I will be placing strict, confidentiality measures in place, including using a secure, third-party survey group with high security, providing a web link to anyone interested, (without the need to identify yourself), I will require a minimum of 100 participants before any publishing of results is done, and the only identifying characteristics requested are age, church denomination, gender and state of Australia you live in. Survey responses will only be seen by myself and my research assistant (we have both studied research and statistics at a university level).

Will there be an information sheet (Plain Language Statement) available before completing the survey?
Absolutely. Before anyone completes the survey, I want you to know what the research is for, what it's uses are and how any information you give will be protected and used. ALL questions are voluntary and you can choose to opt out at any stage. I will also provide information about where the results will be available for you to view once completed.

How long will the survey be available for? The survey will be available for completion for a minimum of 3 months to all participants eligible across Australia. It is an online survey, so all you need is access to a computer, the internet, and a cup of tea! If you would prefer to fill the survey out by hand, we can also organise this, while ensuring your privacy and identity is protected. https://www.facebook.com/events/712092205503080/#

Thanks for such great questions!
~ Rachel