18 June 2014

Clergy Parents: Regrets & Successes In Raising PKs

Clergy family research efforts are quite significant in the US. This great research comes from the Barna Group in 2013 relating to clergy parent regrets and perceived successes in raising their children during their ministry. The article explores areas of faith, ministry and parenting but these statistics really caught my attention as so little is known about this topic in Australia:
Of the clergy who participated:

It's wonderful to see what the clergy parent is proud of when raising their kids - although I must admit, the low numbers surprised me. Perhaps this simply means that there was a wide range of things clergy parents were proud of sharing with their kids.

The top 5 showed a marvellous range of attributes, care and choices for clergy kids, particularly loving them and spending time with them.

 Perhaps these come as no surprise to clergy parents or kids alike. It was interesting that 42% wished they had spent more time with their kids - but also that 19% would change anything.  Quite a wide scope!

What do you think of these statistics? Would you agree? To read their full article, click here.

~ Rachel

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