28 July 2014

6 Ways To Care For Pastor's Spouses

I found this refreshingly helpful article that I thought was worth sharing! While it is based on caring for the wives of pastors, I think gender does not necessarily mean these points become invalid. It also helpfully gives churches a practical insight and suggestions to care for them in sensitive ways. Written by Ryan Huguley, I've included the direct link for more details on his 6 top tips:
  1. Remember that Sundays are a work day 
  2. Pray for them personally 
  3. Have realistic expectations of them as a clergy spouse 
  4. Encourage them 
  5. Go talk to them after the service 
  6. Don't forget they have normal kids!
"Sadly this isn't true for everyone. Regardless of who you are, or where you go to church, we can all do a better job of loving and serving the women married to those God has called to lead our churches. So how will you more intentionally serve your pastor's wife this Sunday?"

Is there anything you would add to this list?

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