20 July 2014

All 16 Church Denominations

I'm spending the next few weeks leading up to the survey being available contacting church denominations to see if they can help me spread the word about this research. It's been quite the eye opener for me personally finding out the names of different church bodies, specifically those who can marry and have children. So far I've contacted:

7th Day Adventists
Apostolic Church
Assembly of God
Christian City Church (aka C3 Church)
People Church
Salvation Army
Vineyard (Hillsongs)
Westylan Methodist

I've contacted these based on Australian Beauru of Statistics information, however if there's a denomination I've missed or you would like to recommend, please contact me! The more people these details reach, the better the understanding of church life and experiences we will have!
Survey Details will be given here and at https://www.facebook.com/events/712092205503080/#

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