12 August 2014

"Moving Is Hard"

I've been reading up recently on the effects of moving on clergy families. Like with anyone else, moving home, school, and community can be very distressing. A study I read recently said on average the study participants moved every 2.5 years!!

You move away from the house you know, the church you know, the friends and family nearby and into a whole new environment. Some research has looked at how moving affects clergy spouses and they often feel extremely lonely and take on the difficult task of working out where the best grocery store is, which local school is the best for their children and what take away food is cheap and reliable. They often also lose their jobs when they move and move so frequently that they are unable to maintain a stable job.
I was inspired the other week after reading a handbook for clergy of a church in New Zealand. What if every church provided a local information and welcome kit for clergy families?! Similar to ones you have in hotels filled with information about local doctors, restaurants, liquor stores and shopping centres.  All the legwork done to make moving easier!

I recently found an American website that offers discounted moving services for clergy families. It can be tricky for clergy families leaving one church family behind and moving to a new one; the old church has said goodbye but the new church doesn't know you yet. And often when families move for church related activities, they move away from their support networks.

What would you recommend to help clergy families move home and church?

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