10 September 2014

'Why I'm Not A Pastor's Wife' and Other Humourous Tales.

I've been reading lots of research filled with sad statistics and personal stories, but they got me thinking that sometimes the most poignant messages speak through humour. So I googled 'Christian Humour Pastor's Wives', and while it came up with a few funny tidbits, a number of book titles surprised me, such as: 'Why I'm not a Pastor's Wife', '10 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me' or (my favourite) 'Pastor's Wife Wears Biker Boots'.
It surprised me how few Christian comics relating to pastor's families came up. Maybe it shouldn't? While hunting, I found a great article by Embracing Grace entitled: "20 Things Every Pastor's Wife Wants You To Know About Her." A fabulous list, including some of the following:
  • She is not perfect…in any way.
  • Because she needs to minister to many ladies and keep many confidences, it may seem at times like she doesn’t want to be as close to you as you want to be to her. But like you, she desires to have close friends.
  • She often changes plans and gives up personal time with her husband because one of the flock needs the pastor. 
There are many ways people have found to light-heartedly share their own journeys, identities and even frustrations! These pictures are just a few I found that I thought were worth sharing, what do you think of them?

I'm a bit of a fan of Adrian Plass and his approach to the difficulties of ministry life. He paints some fabulous pictures in his stories while making a great point about how difficult (and amazing) ministry life can be. If you ever get the chance, try finding him on YouTube.

Anyway, these are some laughs I thought I'd share :) Hope they give you a smile. How do you find fun ways to be yourself?

~ Rachel
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