13 September 2014

7 Benefits of Being in a Clergy Family

The purpose of Catalyst is to tell both sides of the story. While there are many negative elements (as we've seen), I wanted to also send a thank you to Anton, an adult clergy kid (PK) who wrote down a list of the great opportunities that come with being in a clergy family. If you'd like to see the full article, have a peek here.
  1. You are exposed to the bible and Christianity frequently (this includes being able to have access to a trained minister whenever you have a question!) 
  2. You end up knowing more about the bible, doctrine and ethics than many other people in the church. 
  3. You are at the church so often that ministering to others becomes second nature (You learn to serve and give generously to others). 
  4. You are saved from 'pastor worship' and believing the pastor is a saint! (You see first hand that pastors are perfect but striving to live a godly life just like everyone else.) 
  5. You get a great tour of a wide range of churches, getting to understand how they work and what they believe. 
  6. You meet many interesting people and hear amazing stories of how God is active in people's lives now. 
  7. You get to start again at each new church. Every church that welcomes the pastor, welcomes you as part of their new church family. (Moving also means you learn to adapt and experience new things.)
What would you add? Do you agree?

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