19 December 2014

Surviving Christmas (S.T.O.P)

Christmas is frantic for everyone, particularly for clergy families. With all the frantic activities sandwiched in between Christmas carols, nativity set ups, Christmas fetes, and church services, there is little time to stop and see how you're doing or maybe even taking some time to enjoy the activities you've arranged.

This great little S.T.O.P exercise takes no more than a minute out of your day and you can do anywhere - without anyone even noticing! If you can fit this in once a day for 1 minute (or more if that helps), you might just be on your way to holiday sanity.

When you notice yourself starting to feel overwhelmed, anxious, panicky or flustered try to STOP:

S - Stop or pause
what you are doing

T - Take a deep breath then release the breath slowing as if you were cooling your soup.


O - Observe the present moment
What can you see, hear or touch? What is the main thing you are thinking right now? What's something you can do right now to look after what you need?

P - Proceed with what you were doing after deciding if it's what you want to be doing or if you would like to direct your attention to something else.

We pray that this year you find time to enjoy Christmas as a family - and also find time to do something for yourself!


  1. I just wanted to thank you for using my blog about S.T.O.P. for your ministry to clergy families. What a gift. I am a minister's wife and feel tremendously honored and grateful to contribute to your healing message. Blessings on your minsitry.

  2. It was a real help, thankyou so much for your comment and blog :) Rachel