9 March 2015

Only A Month Left!

Wow, the survey has been open nearly 6 months! It's getting down to 'last chance' notifications which is a bit incredible! A year after beginning to look into doing this study it is coming to a close :) So once it closes on April 16th, what's next?
Next, we begin data analysis! Sounds quite dry but actually it's where the past year of work comes together and we begin to find answers to some of the questions that we have about clergy family life. We are aiming for 300 responses. While we are very close to that number, we still have about 50 to get in the next month. It has reached a lot of people who have some very important stories that need to be heard - a fact in itself that helps drive us to continue doing this work.

On the 'big news' front, we are actually looking into seeing if we can get ethical approval to do a similar study for Australian clergy workers. Still in the early stages but the significant interest in this topic has encouraged us to hear the stories of clergy workers as well as their families.

If you would like to be involved in the study, please visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/clergyfamilies before April 16th, 2015 to have your say.

I'm very excited about this drawing to a close and we hope before the year is out to have some results that will help make a difference to clergy family life :)

~ Rachel.

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