15 April 2015

But I Don't Want To Go (PK Guest Writer)

Everyone's story counts. I'm honoured to share with you this story from an Australian PK about being part of a clergy family. Our prayer is that over time we're able to share more stories from clergy families and encourage others that they aren't alone...

"We moved around way more than I wanted to. I've lived in the city, country and everywhere in-between, and each move was usually decided by my parent in ministry or their boss. Each church had its own quirks and definitely some great times, but they all had one thing in common - an intense curiousity to know all the little details of our lives. We didn't want to share our test results, or who we were dating or how big a fight we had over who got the last piece of chocolate cake. We wanted privacy but couldn't find it.
The flip side of that was their generosity during hard times, and congratulations during the good. I want say I'm grateful to people who really care about us as a family but I wished that church denominations should take the age of families into account when they ask ministers to move. Are they ready? Are they between primary and high school? Would a move help them access uni? We do ministry too so I think it's fair to be asked if we want to move or not. Thanks for sharing this, I hope it helps others talk about stuff too." - Anonymous, PK, Victoria.

~ Rachel

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