25 April 2015

It's My Job To Seduce The Pastor (Marriage Advice From Pastor's Wives)

The title below caught my attention a few months ago - I thought the advice of these pastor's wives was refreshingly original for clergy couples. It does has quite a feminine (perhaps slightly old fashioned) twist but if you read it with a bit of humour the advice is quite practical and playful - and goes both ways. :) What do you think?
1) “I am not a pastor’s wife, I’m Seth’s wife.” Hannah Trimmer (married 11 years)....So often pastor's spouses are defined by who they are married to, not who they are, or even giving a name to a role. Just like any other marriage, they married a person not a career, status or role. This distinction, Hannah suggests, helps keep the marriage normal, human, and separate from the church, career and expectations. :)

2) “Keep his underwear drawer full!” TaLisa Rogers (married 16 years)....I confess this one caught me by surprise but the logic is honest (and sticks in your head!). Putting feminist roles aside for a moment, this quote helps remind you of life's basic needs amongst all the busyness of ministry life and spiritual activities. Simple but loving :)

3) “My job is to seduce the pastor.” Pam Hunter (married 45 years). Pam suggests that like any marriage (but perhaps more so in ministry marriages), it takes work to keep connection and romance in the picture, especially between the sermons, working bees and prayer meetings.  I won't go into too much detail (try reading the original article!), but the basic argument is that with the many roles of ministry, there's only one person who can seduce the pastor!

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~ Rachel

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