26 May 2015

3 Handy Apps For Clergy Families

After scouring the Internet, reading articles like 'the top 25 (or 50!) best productivity apps of 2015' and downloading the best, we finally settled on the top 3 apps we believe would help clergy families (of all shapes and sizes) out the most! Bonus? They're all free and usable on your computers, tablets and phones!

This one is very versatile! Once we set up an email account, we could dive right in! I made a tickable shopping lists (which I emailled to Matt while he was at the shops!), took a photo of a decorative idea for an upcoming event (including a note on the name and how to make it), created a page of notes which I saved and emailled to a ministry colleague, and finally made a quick-to-access board so all these items were on one page. They walk you through everything and help you set up a notification system where they will email you so you don't forget something. Nifty!

14 May 2015

"So How Are You, Really?!"

There's always the polite "how are you?"  that all Aussies ask but many people at church have the wonderful ability to cut through the polite and get to the real stuff. It can be the start of great, genuine conversations that make people feel welcome, cared for and loved. Unfortunately while I've often heard clergy asking this question, I rarely heard it being asked in return.