26 May 2015

3 Handy Apps For Clergy Families

After scouring the Internet, reading articles like 'the top 25 (or 50!) best productivity apps of 2015' and downloading the best, we finally settled on the top 3 apps we believe would help clergy families (of all shapes and sizes) out the most! Bonus? They're all free and usable on your computers, tablets and phones!

This one is very versatile! Once we set up an email account, we could dive right in! I made a tickable shopping lists (which I emailled to Matt while he was at the shops!), took a photo of a decorative idea for an upcoming event (including a note on the name and how to make it), created a page of notes which I saved and emailled to a ministry colleague, and finally made a quick-to-access board so all these items were on one page. They walk you through everything and help you set up a notification system where they will email you so you don't forget something. Nifty!
While this app is all about daydreaming and creating the perfect 'if only' home, our test trial was surprisingly useful as a practical ideas board. If you aren't familiar with Pinterest, it's a visual diary of ideas and tools that help you create and think outside the box. Once you setup an account, you can create individual boards that are accessible and shareable from your phone, tablet, or computer. So far we've found great tools for renters, games for kids & youth, teaching tools for ministry and young children, simple recipes made using everyday ingredients, and beautiful, printable bible verses.

This nifty little app is a great way of seeing where family members are at one point on one calendar. Each person enters their events (ie. Warden meetings, youth group, soccer practise, doctors appointments, birthdays etc)  and then take the calendar with them on their electronic devices. We found this was a great one for the busyness of clergy family life, especially as each person can have their own colour for their events and update details quickly or check if there's a conflict before making an appointment. Bonus: you can even set up events and invite others to them! PLUS it syncs with your email address and other google apps you might use. It does take a bit of fiddling to set up but once you're in the swing of things, it's pretty great!

Are there any other apps you've found useful? We would love to hear about them!
- Rachel

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