22 July 2015

Their Choice; Their Responsiblity - Right?

Conversations around the difficulties of clergy family life seem to be happening more often. And while I'm excited that it's beginning to get more attention, where do you start? Are there underlying issues or assumptions that need to be addressed to truly understand the situation? Permit me to put before you some questions I've heard over the years:

"Who really cares how people in ministry are going; isn't it their choice, and therefore their responsibility to look after themselves?"

13 July 2015

Is A PKs Faith Inherited?

I've come to understand that this is a very important and sensitive subject for clergy parents and pastor's kids alike. Many clergy parents I've spoken to explain that the older their kids get, the less interested they are in the Christian faith and going to church (some even describing it as 'going one off the rails' or 'deserting the faith'). Understandably this must be distressing and difficult for clergy parents to hear. On the other side of the coin, PKs I've spoken to or read about have strong convictions about their faith, stating "I am not my father", or "Just because my parents are Christians, why should people automatically assume I am too?"

3 July 2015

Be A Guest Writer For ACF!

We have received a lot of interest in being a guest writer and I wanted to post a note to say over the next little while you can expect some great articles, stories, and experiences from various authors (anonymous and named). We will be hosting some guest writers including an Australian psychologist who works with clergy families, an Aussie PK, a clergy worker, and a pastor's wife. They will be writing on a wide range of topics that are especially important to them relating to ministry life with all its ups, downs and mishaps in between!