3 July 2015

Be A Guest Writer For ACF!

We have received a lot of interest in being a guest writer and I wanted to post a note to say over the next little while you can expect some great articles, stories, and experiences from various authors (anonymous and named). We will be hosting some guest writers including an Australian psychologist who works with clergy families, an Aussie PK, a clergy worker, and a pastor's wife. They will be writing on a wide range of topics that are especially important to them relating to ministry life with all its ups, downs and mishaps in between!
We are honoured be featuring these writers, and hope that more people (from Australia and around the world) will join the conversation. If you are interested in being a guest writer on a topic of your choice, we've included some simple tips below:
  • Choose a topic you're interested in writing about and sharing your experiences of. You don't need fancy language or technical experience, just write what you think. It could be about your experience in a church, a topical theme in the news right now, a humourous story from ministry/family life, a great recipe or bible verse that helps you - the options are endless.
  • On average we aim for 300-500 words, but if you feel that more (or less) suits, that's fine too! We know how busy life is for you, so if there's a spare 10 minutes floating around somewhere, we would be honoured to share these thoughts or experiences on your behalf (anonymously or named).
  • Email us at clergyfamiliesau@gmail.com and we can set up a flexible timeline to post it by!
Just that easy :) So keep an eye out for new stories and please consider joining the conversation.

~ Rachel

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