24 August 2015

Latest On The Clergy Family Study

For those of you who may have heard, we conducted a study throughout October to April asking clergy spouses and adult clergy children to tell us a bit about clergy family life at home, in the church, and what support they received. We were hoping for 100 responses but instead were overwhelmed with the support for the study and received 281 responses!

Well it's taken us 5 months of solid reading, but we are excited to say we have now finished reading each and every one of those stories. We are so humbled by the trust that people have given us with their lives and experiences, and it has been our privilege to learn more about what life in ministry is like for these people.

While each story is important individually, together they are helping us shape a bigger picture. The next step in this study is to look at patterns and themes that might help us understand if the families of clergy workers around Australia are affected by the nature of ministry and what the joys and challenges of ministry life are.

Part of our goal with this study is speak on behalf of those who entrusted their stories to us. Which is why we are hoping to do some talks, write some papers, and work with other professionals to begin to make changes if they're needed. As soon as we have more information, we will be posting it here.

Have wonderful week!
~ Rachel & Matt

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