17 August 2015

Private Online Group Launched!

After a huge amount of interest, we have created and launched a private Facebook group for Australian clergy and their families! We decided to call it the ACF Cafe to give it a warm and welcoming feel, a place to discuss all matter of things - and share a drink with others who know what ministry life is like. While it has a casual name, we have kept it a private group which means only when you join can you see what is written by other members - it isn't shared publicly on your Facebook pages.
We hope by keeping this open Australia wide, you will be able to meet with a great group of people who you may not ordinarily meet when life is so busy with ministry commitments, or regular moves, and there isn't always time to go out to a cafe to chat. Feel free to post questions, reply to other people's queries and even (if you prefer) send us a private message with your question and we will post it anonymously on your behalf.

Click on the following link (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ACFcafe/) to join and we will be in touch to connect you to the group.
Hope to see you there :)
~ Rachel & Matt

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