21 September 2015

Funday Mondays: The Importance Of A Day Off

I was reading an inspiring article by a clergy worker who found a way to have a day off every week that was acknowledged and memorable to his church community and family. He came up with this fabulous idea he calls 'Funday Monday' which he puts in his calendar - and his church's - every Monday then strictly attends it as an appointment that can't be broken unless there's an absolute emergency (even then he chooses to hand it over to another church worker).

19 September 2015

Minister's Husband: There Is No Handbook

While we have been doing a lot of analysis of our Australian study, we like to keep a fresh perspective by reading articles written by others and from other countries. One topic we have been looking into lately is the role of the minister's husband (who aren't in ministry themselves as a career). It's very difficult to find any solid information on this topic, but we have come across quite a few personal stories and newspaper articles which we are working through and adding to our Clergy Spouse resource page. It struck us that while each person and situation is different, one theme pops up across most stories: There is no handbook. There are no guidelines, expectations, or roles for these men. They seem a bit lost. In fact, they get the sense that churches don't really know what to do with the them!

11 September 2015

The Huge Bag Of Worries (Book Review For PKs)

I recently saw the Pixar movie Inside Out. It was a great movie exploring how kids can struggle with emotions when they are in a transition time (physically or developmentally) by manifesting major emotions, such as anger, joy, sadness - all depicted in the movie as comical characters in a girl's mind. The challenge for this girl (Riley) comes when she moves home to somewhere totally unfamiliar and isolated from the groups she previously identified with.

This got me thinking about PKs and the challenges they face dealing with this difficult emotions or situations. I was reminded of a great resource I came across when working as a Chaplain in a bushfire-affected school a few years ago which I think could be really helpful for those engaging with Pastor's Kids, and the worries they may have. It is an illustrated children’s book called “The Huge Bag of Worries” by Virginia Ironside.

3 September 2015

Being A Pastor's Husband

After a talk I did last week, I've been reflecting on the diversity of clergy families and their experiences. It can be difficult I must admit, writing so frequently about the negatives of ministry life, and I truly hope one day when I'm asked I can say all the experiences are positive. But for now, perhaps it's ok to be the one who bears difficult news in the hope that very soon it won't be news, but the past.