21 September 2015

Funday Mondays: The Importance Of A Day Off

I was reading an inspiring article by a clergy worker who found a way to have a day off every week that was acknowledged and memorable to his church community and family. He came up with this fabulous idea he calls 'Funday Monday' which he puts in his calendar - and his church's - every Monday then strictly attends it as an appointment that can't be broken unless there's an absolute emergency (even then he chooses to hand it over to another church worker).
Funday Monday is full of fun activities with his kids and wife (like eating Chinese food and playing games) and has a 'no church talk' rule.  He says it rejuvenates him and gives him something to look forward to every week. It was a great article to read, I highly recommend it!

This got me thinking how precious days off are to people with so much to do. Difficult to maintain at times with so many commitments at unusual hours but so important to the health of the clergy worker and their families. This article reminded me how even God has a day of rest and time to enjoy the life He's made, why can it be so tricky for us?

Maybe we need simple ways of remembering to take time off. Maybe two half days or an hour off a day instead of a full day? Maybe a Day Off volunteer from the church who can help you keep your day off by taking your calls and updating you on events the next day? Or a terrible day rhyme (Tuesday No Shoes Day?!)? Or a special coloured pen or font for your diary? The choices are endless!

Your Funday Monday might not fall on an actual Monday but whenever it is, we would love to hear about it and hope you enjoy it with those closest to you. And on that note, I'm off this enjoy some sunshine and croissants! How will you spend your day off? We would love to hear, come chat with us online!

~ Rachel

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