31 October 2015

Clergy Families: Supporting Each Other

There are many articles out there on tips and ideas on looking after your family while in ministry, but recently we came across two we wanted to share. They have plenty of advice from clergy workers, and pastors wives so there's a wealth of options. Of course not all ideas will suit everyone and they aren't hard and fast rules, but hopefully there might be something in there for you and your family:

12 Ways To Support Your Husband Who Is A Pastor: Written by a US mother of 4/pastor's wife. She has some great, practical suggestions to help including getting ready for Sunday on Saturday evening, providing positive feedback on sermons or teachings, and organising quality time with your spouse. None of these suggestions are gender specific, I'm certain any pastor would greatly appreciate the help in these ways. Access the full article (and her blog) here.
30 Practical Ways For Pastors To Love Their Wives & Families: Another US article (with some quite American ideas in there; 'date your daughter' is not a literal concept but an interesting quality time idea if you want to follow it up) but overall is quite helpful! Quite a few are abut quality time and remembering the little things in life such as what your chores interests are or your wife's favourite flowers. But there are also some ideas about planning bible times as a family, spiritual guidance questions you can ask your children, and ways to set time aside so your spouse can have some quiet time too. Read the full article (and access the website) here.

We found no helpful articles for Minister's Kids supporting their parents in ministry. Now while this sounds fairly standard for a parent-child relationship, from all the articles and stories we've heard/read, it is considered normal for a Preacher's Kid to not only be in ministry, but also to be affected by the impact of ministry (including living in a fishbowl/glasshouse).

The only article we found was (rather unhelpfully) about the use of donuts to help PKs not answer back rudely to repetitive questions! This does leave us with no article to share, but we wanted to acknowledge that supporting a clergy parent is a role that Pastor's Kids play in clergy families. We will continue to find (and create) helpful, reasonable resources for them.

As always we would love to hear what you think so please comment below or send us an email (clergyfamiliesau@gmail.com).
~ Rachel

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