14 October 2015

What's A Pastor's Day Like Anyway?! (Video)

We recently came across this fun skit which was made as part of Clergy Appreciation Month and found it so accurate and fun we had to share :) While it is fun, it's not too hard to see the point behind it. We were recently speaking to a clergy child (PK) who was saying how people outside clergy families don't seem to understand how complex the job of ministry is and how long the hours are. Maybe this goes a bit of a way towards appreciating and understanding the job?


We hope you enjoy this skit, and maybe take a bit of comfort in the fact that your experience is quite similar to others in ministry :) Thankyou to The Skit Guys Studio for making this short video and making a great point in an easy to watch way. Is your day similar to this?

To watch it, please click on the picture or link below, it's definitely worth it!
~ Rachel

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