27 November 2015

8 Ways To Celebrate As A Family

It seems 'the season' is upon us (as the jaunty Christmas carols at the supermarket told me this week)! Amongst the plans being made, gifts being bought, and lights being untangled, clergy and their families often see the harder side of Christmas as well. I remember talking to a psychiatrist a few years ago who told me 'Christmas keeps us in business (and also means we need a holiday in the following month!).' It can be a bittersweet time for many, and clergy families see that hurt and loneliness and choose to make a huge difference to the lives of these individuals by listening, comforting, and caring for them by providing meals or gifts. Thank you for doing all these things, it means so much to those you do it for.

We were reading about an Australian PK who enjoyed growing up in a clergy household. When she was asked if there was anything she would change, she replied:  "I did kind of wish we could have simply had just 'family time' on Christmas Day."

21 November 2015

10 Thank You's From A Minister

We read a lot of articles each week, but this particular one was beautifully and thoughtfully written, I wanted to share it on our website. When we talk to ministry wives, we get a real sense that only those 'in the job' truly understand the ups and downs of clergy life. They work behind the scenes, supporting  quietly, and often at their own (sometimes unexpected) expense. So here is a public, heartfelt thank you from a minister who sees this work (To read the full letter, click here):

"Thank you to every ministry wives for:
  1.  For your willingness to be separated from your husband on a lonely couch/bed during unpredictable seasons of urgent opportunity and crisis. 
  2. For your constant effort to steer your children toward a sweet disposition about knowing and serving the Lord. 
  3. For your willingness to navigate the unrealistic, extra-biblical expectations that frequently come your way from even well-meaning people.