16 December 2015

6 Tips To Make Christmas Less Stressful.

It's that time already, 10 days til Christmas - I'm sure your nativity scenes are dusted off, carol rehearsals are in full swing and the tinsel all untangled. For our final post of the year I wanted to share a helpful article I came across in my own personal hunt for Christmas advice. Without too much ado, here are top 6 tips I found useful, and particularly relevant to those tight on time and money. For the full article, click here.
  1.  Don't Break Out The Credit Card For Gifts (Soo tempting when that extra $5 gift will be just right but apparently that's the trap that tends to make you pay for the rest of the year!). 
  2. Only Select A Few Events (With so many activities going on, it's easy to just say yes to them all, particularly church-related ones. But if you find that you're tight on time and have trouble just eating a meal, it's ok to pull back, choose a few you want to be at and gently decline the rest. There will be other chances next year :)).
  3. Home Is A Sanctuary From Busyness (Ever noticed how rushed everyone is around Christmas? The shops are full of frantic music, the streets are full of swerving drivers, even homes get filled with so many Christmas decorations and lights that sometimes I wonder how they even sleep! This nifty article suggested that being selective with how many lights and decorations you have, even how much Christmas music you play at home might help reduce some stress. It's ok to hide from the busy and switch off every now and then. One couple I know keeps all decorations to one room and the rest of the house as normal. That way they can enjoy Christmas but also escape from the busyness if they need to. 
  4. Keep Up Your Daily Care Routine (While schedules get frantic, skimping on your hydration, exercise, meals or alone time can cause more harm than good. Keep up the swimming, walking, water drinking, meditation, and bible reading. Look after yourself :)) 
  5. Create Gift Giving Rules (There is a great list on the website that gives you a good headstart, but the basic gist is don't put too much pressure on yourself or your budget to get the 'perfect' gift. If you and your loved ones and friends have pre-agreed gift limits, or you limit who you buy for it can make the process much more enjoyable!)
  6. Remember What Makes Christmas Important To You (While the Reason For The Season is very clear for Christians, there are other things that make it special too. Remembering what all the decorating, gift-buying and food-preparing is for can help keep the perspective and enjoyment.)
We hope you have a wonderful Christ-mas and enjoy it the way you want to enjoy it! We will be around online through the Christmas and New Year season for those of you who might need or want to chat. Please feel free to email us at clergyfamiliesau@gmail.com, find us on Facebook (look for Australian Clergy Families) or join our online support chat group (www.facebook.com/groups/ACFcafe).

Stay safe & well over this Christmas season,
Rachel & Matt

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