27 January 2016

Guest Writer: What I Learnt From Moving.

We are honoured this week to share a personal story from an Australian clergy spouse and their experience of moving. If you would like to share your story (anonymously or otherwise), please contact us - we always want to hear from you.
A Moving Experience:
We’ve all experienced light bulb moments: sudden insights which stay with us because of their clarity and impact. I had one such moment in the summer of 2007.

16 January 2016

4 Helpful Moving Resources!

I have a rather extensive experience of moving, and quickly learnt there are there are certain skills you acquire through experience - such as setting up the bed first (much nicer than sleeping on a floor mattress with clothing for blankets! Over the past few weeks we have been compiling a list of useful lists and websites we hope might help those of you on the move:

1) Meals: 51 Fast & Healthy 3-Ingredient Meals - A very handy list that need little prep and few instructions! Add their 3 ingredients together (mostly needing an oven or microwave at the most) and you have some very yummy meals. Some favourites are No. 13 Baked BBQ Chicken, Sweet Potatoes; No. 8 1 Minute Microwave Ham & Eggs & No. 27 Sasusage Stuffed Zuchinni. Each one has a link to the recipe (if you need it!)

7 January 2016

What's ACF Up To Now?!

We've been readying ACF for another year of blogging, researching and supporting clergy and their families and wanted to let you in on what will be happening this year. On a side note, last January, we began 2015 with three goals for growing ACF which I'm excited to say are now all part of what we do:
1) Clergy Family Appreciation Month (October 2015)
2) Cheers Mate’ Packages (Note: Updated in 2016 to Relax Packs!)
3) Extending Our Care Network (We now run an online support group)

With 2016 beginning, we are hoping to continue building on the above projects but wanted to include a few new things too! This year at ACF we are working towards: