16 January 2016

4 Helpful Moving Resources!

I have a rather extensive experience of moving, and quickly learnt there are there are certain skills you acquire through experience - such as setting up the bed first (much nicer than sleeping on a floor mattress with clothing for blankets! Over the past few weeks we have been compiling a list of useful lists and websites we hope might help those of you on the move:

1) Meals: 51 Fast & Healthy 3-Ingredient Meals - A very handy list that need little prep and few instructions! Add their 3 ingredients together (mostly needing an oven or microwave at the most) and you have some very yummy meals. Some favourites are No. 13 Baked BBQ Chicken, Sweet Potatoes; No. 8 1 Minute Microwave Ham & Eggs & No. 27 Sasusage Stuffed Zuchinni. Each one has a link to the recipe (if you need it!)
2) New Suburbs: 8 Ways To Learn About A New Neighbourhood - While this is aimed at people buying homes (not that common with clergy families!), the suggestions are very helpful, in fact, I wish I'd known some during my past moves! The most helpful one I found was the suggestion of visiting the local community centre, library or tourist centre (the best places to find good eats just after you move and also handy, often free maps of important places such as hospitals or doctors clinics).
3) Mail: Change Of Address Checklist - I don't know about you, but I often forget at least one person who I haven't changed our address with! This great list breaks each area of life down into nifty checklists (tick boxes included) to make sure you don't miss anyone.
4) The Move: How To Make Movin g Fun - While this short article is aimed at children, I know we will be using some of these fun activities in our next move! One fun one I enjoyed was a game of Hide & Seek to help younger kids get to know their way around a new home. Or hiding ziplock bags of treats or puzzle pieces throughout your packing to give you a smile as you pack and unpack.
We hope you find these articles helpful. We are hoping to have a guest writer visiting this page soon, but in the meantime, we hope these articles make moving a bit more manageable, even enjoyable.

~ Rachel

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