12 March 2016

5 Reasons It's Worth Celebrating!

Everyday events can become so consuming, it becomes difficult to keep up with bigger, once-off events. While researching this month's topic, I came across a wonderful quote that summed things up beautifully: "Never become so busy that you forget that a lifetime only happens once."
I don't know about you but the busier life gets the harder it seems to be able to achieve the goals you set out to, life gets so full! Now I'm not suggesting everything needs a party or lavish gifts! When we celebrate, it's with a nice drink in a nice glass and say "well done!" Doing something special in a way that matters to you is definitely worth the extra time. Ignore those little voices that say "It's not that important",  "I'm just too busy to organise anything".
If it matters to you, or someone you care about, it's worth celebrating!

While researching celebration. I found a great article that talked about five reasons it's important to celebrate wedding anniversaries. While marriage-specific I found a few actually applied to other sorts of celebrations:
  1. Celebrating Shows Its Significance (Not everyone graduates uni, reaches 20 years of marriage, stays at a parish for 10 years, finishes a painting or runs a 5km marathon!) 
  2. Recollection Enhances Its History (How you got there and the effort it took IS important!) 
  3. Appreciation Declares God's Goodness (Every good gift comes from God and His goodness is worth praising!) 
  4. Evaluation Keeps It Growing Deeper (While this is marriage specific, a chance to reflect definitely gives you the opportunity to keep your relationship growing and deepening) 
  5. Anticipation Strengthens Your Faithfulness (Celebrating encourages you, gives you hope, and a reason to look forward to the future, particularly in harder times).
I highly recommend reading his full article here, there are also some fabulous examples of biblical celebrations which I thoroughly enjoyed!

So the next time you finish a difficult sermon - treat yourself! If you get through a hard week, tell yourself you did well. If starting a new school has been hard but you got through a term - have a Skype date with an old friend. Celebrate - and enjoy it!


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