29 April 2016

Relaxation In Ministry Life

"Sometimes when we’re exhausted, we gravitate toward activities that drain us even more. Or we think we don’t deserve to take a break, so we ignore our body’s whispers for rest. But only in helping ourselves can we help others and do good work."  - psychcentral.com

It's hard to make time to relax when the ministry lifestyle is so busy, even the best laid plans go astray if you get an emergency call or your day off rolls around and becomes filled with appointments and errands that just need to get done. The word 'Relax' gets thrown around so often, I decided it was time to look it up and see if it was achieveable. Here's what I found:

16 April 2016

The Pastor's Kids PodCast (PK Resource)

We were recently contacted by The Pastor's Kids PodCast which we're very excited about! It's a new, free podcast coming from the US in an easy-access form that's available online for PKs around the world. It explores different topics and provides ideas about tackling issues relevant to the PK lifestyle. This podcast is such a great idea that we had to let you know about it! It is aimed at late-teens to young adults: with useful pictures, funky music, and a friendly seminar speaker who talks on different topics for 10-30 minutes.