16 April 2016

The Pastor's Kids PodCast (PK Resource)

We were recently contacted by The Pastor's Kids PodCast which we're very excited about! It's a new, free podcast coming from the US in an easy-access form that's available online for PKs around the world. It explores different topics and provides ideas about tackling issues relevant to the PK lifestyle. This podcast is such a great idea that we had to let you know about it! It is aimed at late-teens to young adults: with useful pictures, funky music, and a friendly seminar speaker who talks on different topics for 10-30 minutes.

They are now a registered iTunes PodCast - 'Pastors Kids Podcast'. The man behind the PodCast, Andrew Olson, has a great heart for PKs and their unique lifestyle & challenges.

If you'd like to know more, visit their website - and let us know what you think of it, we are always looking for reviews of resources.

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