27 May 2016

Ministry At Home: 5 Ways To Stay Bug Free!

Our immune system has been fearfully and wonderfully made, and is incredibly robust, but minimising the amount of work it has to do is a great way to stay bug-free. As a former Microbiologist, I thought I'd share 5 easy ways to stay bug-free while doing ministry at home during the flu season. While there are standards for the kitchens of churches these days, there seems to be vague  or non-existent advice when visitors call at the vicarage.

1) The Front Door: The Hand Shake When people enter or leave a house, it’s a natural enough thing to do, and I’m not suggesting not doing it. But preventing possible illness from a hand shake could be as simple as washing your hands afterwards. My favourite trick is a bottle of alcohol sanitiser (no running water needed!) that's stored near the front door (also it's worth keeping a bottle in the car after pastoral visits or church services).