30 June 2016

7 Ways To Spend More Time With Your Family

No matter where your family is, or how old they are - whether they live at home with you or somewhere else, spending time with them & we know how wonderful it is to spend time with them when you're able! This week we're sharing a creative article by Families For Life that focuses on sharing family time not just with young kids but also teens, couples, grandparents, parents, and extended family. We hope these inspire you to find fun ways to enjoy some quality time together! Here are our top 7...for all 30, visit this article here.
  1. Leave A Message For Your Kids (If you don't have time before work to say good morning, leave them a post-it note or a SMS on their phone to let them know you're thinking of them)

22 June 2016

6 Reasons It's Good To Have You Time

Every now and then, I set myself a culinary challenge. In the past it's been small things like baking cupcakes or cooking a medium-rare roast. But recently, I've dreamed bigger: I'm taking on the perfect scone. I know, it's a big goal but I'm hoping my kitchen & I are up for the challenge! While Matt is more than happy to devour whatever I bake, these challenges are something I do just for me. An article I read by Psychology Today reminded me that doing something just for yourself is vital to ministry, family life & self care. I thought I'd share their 6 reasons in the hope & prayer that they remind you, as they reminded me,  to spend a bit of time, love, and attention on yourself every now and then :) I highly recommend reading their article in full here.
  1. It allows you to reboot your brain and unwind (The ministry lifestyle is intense! I've heard more than one clergy couple say it can feel like it never ends. Letting your mind rest, with no distractions can clear the air and help you see more clearly. Is there a sound, a drink, or a book you enjoy that helps you unwind?)

1 June 2016

10 Ways You Know You're A Pastor's Kid

In my travels to see what other groups are doing for PKs, I came across this fun article that did a pretty great PK quirk summary! Dave Herrmann's article is well worth a read (great use of pictures!) but I thought I'd share it here too (for the original, click here)...any of these sound familiar PKs? :)
1. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you always get the feeling you’re being watched.