24 August 2016

Relax Packs - Bringing The Time Out To You

We know how busy and sometimes stressful ministry life can be, particularly when you can't afford to take time off to enjoy a treat or relaxing between appointments or meetings. It can also be difficult to go out for a break if you live in an isolated area with limited access to coffee shops, beaches to walk on, or spaces to escape to! You don't have to look far to find research suggesting that taking time out is crucial for your mental health and physical well being.

15 August 2016

Some Things Are Difficult To Talk About....

There are always those conversations that seem hard to start, and even more difficult to continue talking about regularly. The awkward half-started chats, the misunderstandings that can come with miscommunicating something or not being on the same page...we've been there! Part of what we aim to do with ACF is to provide a safe space to talk about difficult topics (and ways to dive in and wade through!).
(A fun approach to a difficult situation?! How do you begin a hard chat?)