15 August 2016

Some Things Are Difficult To Talk About....

There are always those conversations that seem hard to start, and even more difficult to continue talking about regularly. The awkward half-started chats, the misunderstandings that can come with miscommunicating something or not being on the same page...we've been there! Part of what we aim to do with ACF is to provide a safe space to talk about difficult topics (and ways to dive in and wade through!).
(A fun approach to a difficult situation?! How do you begin a hard chat?)

We were reminded recently, after the media coverage of the Australian church, that it's important to not shy away from difficult, awkward or even painful topics. While we can't have the conversations for you, we want to provide you with resources, topics, prayer, support and connections to help and encourage you as you continue through the joys and challenges of ministry.

Here are just a few areas we're hoping to begin covering (with the help of guest writers!):
* Finances & the financial future of clergy families
* Do clergy workers need an independent union?
* The safety of clergy children during home ministry
* Ways clergy spouses can manage unexpected requests for money & assistance at the clergy home
* The tricky elements of dating & sexuality for PKs
* Coping with the media coverage of the church and current coverage of abuse cases
* Managing conflict in churches & amongst colleagues
We'll share a range of links, articles and questions, but want to emphasise we are not here to convince anyone of a particular way of thinking or living. We want you to feel as comfortable (as you can!) thinking about and discussing topics that you might be facing - and offer support if it is needed.

We hope you will find these articles useful & give us some more ideas of topics you'd like to discuss. :)

~ Rachel

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  1. Interesting topics! Looking forward to the discussion :)