4 October 2016

The Next Book: "The Pastor's Family"

We're always on the hunt for a new book to review and share with you. We want to include ones that are modern, relevant, affordable, and applicable to everyday life. This takes quite a bit of hunting! Some books were written decades ago for different cultures, some are outdated in their ideas, and others, to be honest, seem just a little bit goofy! So we've been hunting for a while....and came across this one:

We've chosen it for a few reasons:
  1.  It's written by a husband and wife team who tackle a bunch of relevant issues relating to ministry, marriage, and family life
  2. They use easy-to-read language with great personal examples, as well as questions you can relate to
  3. It's affordable and available in Australia
  4. It's short!! (we know how little spare time you have!)
  5. It uses embossed wording on the cover! As odd at this sounds, this shows that there is attention to detail - and how you relate to a book can make all the difference between reading it and putting it aside.
We're looking forward to reviewing this book and sharing our views on it. We're also hoping it's the next candidate to be given away to people who might be interested.

Tune in soon for reviews!

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