17 November 2016

Clergy & A Happy Workforce

After chatting about clergy work hours and unions, we wanted to explore the field more, and came across a lecture opportunity too good to turn up! On Monday, we attended a public lecture by Tanja Van Der Lippe, an internationally renowned researcher who specialises in sociology, workplaces, and the impact of workplace productivity.

For the past 5 years, she has been exploring what makes for a sustainable and happy workforce, including the option of working from home. The benefits of conducting such a large study is that her results prove very useful for the general public, enabling organisations to explore better ways to not only become more productive, but also to have satisfied and happy employees (more details on their website here).

3 November 2016

Relax Packs: FAQs

Got a question about our Relax Packs? We've got you covered.

Q: What is a Relax Pack?
A: A package filled with delicious, relaxing, and creative items we send to people in ministry across Australia! We work closely with local artists to create items for you to enjoy, which are constantly being updated with new things for you to enjoy. Every pack has between 8 to 16 items, including chocolates, teas, bookmarks, and specially-designed activities. Each Relax Pack is sent with prayers for your ministry, health, and family, as well as contact details if you'd like support or prayer. Read more (or order one!) here.

Q: Why do you send Relax Packs?