3 November 2016

Relax Packs: FAQs

Got a question about our Relax Packs? We've got you covered.

Q: What is a Relax Pack?
A: A package filled with delicious, relaxing, and creative items we send to people in ministry across Australia! We work closely with local artists to create items for you to enjoy, which are constantly being updated with new things for you to enjoy. Every pack has between 8 to 16 items, including chocolates, teas, bookmarks, and specially-designed activities. Each Relax Pack is sent with prayers for your ministry, health, and family, as well as contact details if you'd like support or prayer. Read more (or order one!) here.

Q: Why do you send Relax Packs?
A: For many years, we've seen how hard people in ministry work and how precious their time off is.
We know how busy ministry and family life can get, sometimes making it hard to get away to enjoy some time out. Relax Packs are our way of saying thank you for your amazing ministries, as well as bringing a bit of fun and rest to you, wherever you are around Australia :)

Q: Who are they sent to?
A: Any individual, couple, or family in ministry around Australia! So far we've sent packs to families working in churches, missionaries, couples in-between ministry positions, people moving, and PKs studying for exams - to name a few. :) Relax Packs are part of our ongoing support of people in ministry (regular orders most welcome!).

Q: How are they funded?
A: Our Relax Packs are supported through donations and private funding from thankful clergy families and church members around Australia. It is important to us that they are easily available with no obligations; it's our way of saying thank-you for all you do and supporting you where we can.

Q: Can I order Relax Packs for my clergy/clergy family event or region?
A: Absolutely! We would love to work with you to provide our Relax Packs. We're happy to send them for you or organise postage/pick up. Contact Rachel at clergyfamiliesau@gmail.com with details of your event or the region you'd like to send them to.

Q: Can I support them?
A: If you're an artistic type we'd love your ideas; we're always looking for new designs, particularly for our family packs. Alternatively, if you would like to contribute towards making or posting the Relax Packs (either by funding or donating items), we would love to hear from you :) We have a secure payment system through PayPal. We're more than happy to organise pick up around Melbourne or provide a postage address for items! Click here to find out more.

Q: How do I order one?
A: If you'd like to order a Relax Pack, just click here. Any details provided are only used for postage of the pack. Generally they're sent within 3 days and we'll notify you by email when they're in the post.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

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