7 February 2017

It's Time For Change

Things need to change.

We won't beat around the bush, research about clergy and clergy family life isn't pretty. While those called to ministry experience some wonderful and unique joys, too often they are accompanied by extreme challenges and difficulties. Over the last 3 years, we've had the privilege of sharing life with hundreds of clergy family members. We've celebrated the joys, prayed through the challenges, and wished fervently there was more we could do when life became difficult.

But regardless of the difficulties faced, we are constantly reminded of the need for absolute confidentiality. Many clergy family members we speak to fear for their jobs, their safety, their families, sometimes even their lives...in Australia. Instead, they often bear their burdens alone.

We find it heartbreaking that clergy families can live with fear and resignation, accepting the phrase "but that's just how it is."

This needs to change. Which is what Catalyst is about. In our small corner of Australia, we want to help make a difference. So many of the difficulties that clergy families face are completely preventable. We want to be a voice for the difficulties and challenges that go untold. We want to advocate for change where it's needed.

We don't believe this needs to be loud, rude, or violent to be effective. Change starts with one person standing up for what is right. We believe it is right for people in ministry, and their families, to have a safe place to challenge or be challenged. Whatever we share here will be well thought out, carefully researched, and fairly put.

Can we encourage you to join us? Share one of our articles, write a comment, or pray for change where it is needed. We are always keen to hear your experience or perspective, so please contact us, or think about sharing your story.

We're looking forward to spending time with you here, and seeing God work through His people wherever change might be needed.

~ Rachel & Matt Stevens

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