29 March 2017

Fishbowl Living: Pebbles Of Truth (Book Review)

What I love most about ACF is meeting clergy family members. I love hearing their experiences, understanding their challenges and learning how they enjoy the good and work through the hard. Fishbowl Living is like having one of those conversations...

9 March 2017

Don't Explore The Flower Cupboard Without Prayer & Fasting (Book Review)

Observational humour, at its best, seems to me to be the art of seeing what is strange and slightly ridiculous about the details of life, and the world, and engaging with it gently. “Rules for Reverends” does this elegantly. It presents the reality of clergy life, with all its quirks and contradictions, in short pithy statements, and does so in an honest and kind way.

The range of topics that are covered are quite wide, from organisational eccentricities to the day to day of pastoral care with the sick or those in need. For example: on worship: “The tiptoeing thing people do when they’re late into church doesn’t work.”

2 March 2017

What Clergy Homes Really Look Like...

Australian Clergy Families began as many ideas do, with curiousity. Among other questions about the influences of ministry on clergy families, I wondered if there were housing standards that had to be met for a house to be considered suitable for both ministry and family life. Turns out, there are - and extensive ones at that! After getting my hands on one of these documents outlining the 'must haves', Matt & I attempted to draw one, and soon found ourselves lost in an unusual labyrinth of requests. Gardens overlooking kitchens, multiple bathrooms and sheds, 5 rooms, verandas of specific lengths...it began to feel like even Pemberley might not match up!