9 May 2017

Get Things Done While Caring For Yourself (Life Balance App Review)

Ever heard of the Pomodoro Method for productivity? Neither had we - until a friend recommended an app that they thought might help clergy and their families juggle their busy lives. The Pomodoro Method aims to help you to be more productive throughout your day by focusing on one task at a time with brief, scheduled self-care breaks in between each task; not easy to do when you have a million things to do at home, church, or work! While there are lots of apps out there for productivity, from a health promotion perspective, the Pomodoro Method has a lot going for it.
Self-care is often considered something you do when you feel run down. But this method treats self-care as equally important to your to-do list by making it a tool that helps you to get that to-do list done. Essentially, you create a routine of self-care and productivity that hopefully lasts longer than getting one list ticked off.

Naturally, we had to check it out! After trialing a few apps, we came across this free, friendly timer app. This one is made for Apple devices but there are many similarly-styled ones out there (try this list) that follow the Pomodoro Method.

Be Focused - Focus Timer & Goal Tracker is very easy to use! We found it was a great helper when we had lots of projects, admin, or practise tasks to do. We even ran a meeting with it to see how much we could get done. Short answer? More than you'd think!

You can change how long a work session is and how long your breaks are. You can even give categories to each session (I used admin, study, errands, and housework). It'll keeps working in the background if you need the device for something else. You can track how many sessions you get done in a day, or how often a task has to happen during your day. The breaks pop up routinely and you can stretch, have a drink of water, take a breath of fresh air or grab a snack before you start again.

My favourite feature was the friendliness of the reminders to take a break - and to get back to work!

While we enjoyed this particular app, for us it's more about a style of balancing work and self-care that suits the busyness of ministry and family life - without adding extra expectations or pressure.

We'd love to hear what you think of it! Download it for free here or learn more about this style of productive self-care here.

~ Rachel
(Note: This isn't a paid endorsement, we just really liked the app! Thanks to Matt & Dave for trialing this app with their busy schedules)

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