17 July 2017

#ACFlife begins at home

We've officially launched #ACFlife today! With their permission as of today, we'll be sharing through our website and Facebook page a few stories and insights each week from participants in our study based around three areas of life:

Our hope is each one will give you great insights into clergy family life experiences and encourage some interesting conversations! Each week here on Catalyst we'll do a roundup of the week's shared experiences.

We know there are many difficulties with openly sharing, discussing and understanding clergy family life here in Australia. We hope and pray that through #ACFlife we can start a bigger conversation that will encourage churches, clergy, and ministry families to better understand each other and enjoy ministry life.

www.australianclergyfamilies.com/publicationsIf you'd like to join the conversation, use the hashtag #ACFlife to share your thoughts and opinions. If there's a topic you're particularly interested in, share one of our subject images. #ACFlife begins with some insights below about how the clergy family home is used for ministry. We can't wait to keep chatting with you about this vital topic.
~ Rachel & Matt Stevens
www.australianclergyfamilies.com -- a community of support & encouragement

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