15 September 2017

What's Next: Upcoming Series!

Since launching our paper, Doing Ministry Together, earlier this month we've been asked a few times what our next project will be! Well, we're excited to share with you that starting in early 2018, the second part of our research project will be available here through Catalyst!

Through a series of articles, we'll be exploring key topics from our paper, including the impact particular issues may have on clergy families, what field experts and other research has to say, and some helpful ideas and applications.

This series will include subjects like:

Switching Off: The importance of privacy in the
clergy family home
Support & Being Supported: How clergy families
care for each other
Conflicting Family Beliefs: The value of being
on the same page
Understanding Being Misunderstood: How to
address expectations and misunderstandings
Church Life: Embracing your unique place in
God's church

We're looking forward to sharing these topics, and others, with you in 2018. In the meantime, we're working on some fun new projects (details soon!) and can't wait to celebrate Ministry Appreciation Week with you in October!

We're so grateful and humbled to hear that this research is already helping individuals, professionals, and organisations find new ways to care for the clergy families that they know and support. Our hope and prayer is that this will inspire further research and many conversations over the coming months! If we can help you in any way, through prayer, conversation or resources, please let us know.

We know there's so much more to understand about clergy family life in here Australia, and can't wait to keep learning with you! #ACFlife

To read our latest research (Doing Ministry Together: Life in an Australian clergy family), click here.

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