9 October 2017

Practical Ministry & Moving Tool (App Review)

When we first began Australian Clergy Families, we thought it would be a great idea to create an adaptable app that was easy for people in ministry to use which could quickly tell you where the nearest doctor, takeaway, petrol station or school was without having to do a lot of leg work on top of moving or driving to other towns for meetings and events.

Turns out, it already exists! You might already have it, but we love this great, free app and have found it incredibly nifty when visiting a new area, just after moving - or if you're like me and tend to get lost on new roads!

Size: 38.7 MB
Cost: Free
Available On: Android & iDevices

Incredibly easy to use and download, we ran a few tests to see how if it was up for the Australian terrain challenge! We found the nearest petrol station to Coober Pedy, a fish and chip shop in Adelaide, and the closest hospital in Launceston. They even include opening hours, star ratings, website details, and show you where it is on the map.

With the busy end-of-year season approaching, which always includes more travel than normal, we hope this app gives you a friendly helping hand. If you've used it before in your ministry travels, we'd love to know what you think of it!

~ Rachel

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