8 February 2018

Caps, Mishaps & New Schools (Clergy Kid Book Review)

My Magical Life ~ Zach King
ACF Rating: 3 out of 5 books
Suits Ages 7 - 9

Books about what it's like to be a clergy kid (PK) can be a little hard to find, so this month I’m reviewing a book that deals with one issue PKs can come across on a regular basis; changing schools.

Written by a Christian author, they introduce us to Zach, an 11-year-old boy, who wants to find out what makes him special, a feat that is tricky when he comes from a family who all have magical abilities...except him.  

He’s been home-schooled all his life but as time passes, and his family is unsure if Zach does have magical abilities, his parents decide to send him to a ‘normal’ school. What follows is Zach’s exploration, pioneer style, into the world of Horace Greely Middle School. Here he makes friends with some students, the geek Aaron and the outdoorsy Rachel, and discovers the vindictive alpha girl Michelle’s habit for picking on new and unpopular students.
This book deals with themes of friendship, bullying, popularity, loneliness, and testing boundaries in a new school environment, with lots of bubbly creativity. The characters are simple to understand, the magical theme light-hearted, and the focus on struggling to fit in is clear.

Adding to the sense of fun is the augmented reality (AR) facets of the book itself.  A first in my experience, many of the illustrations throughout the book appear to become animated when viewed through a mobile device (Android or Apple). These illustrations really played into the magical theme, and were a lot of fun to explore.

With the number of moves clergy children generally make, and the challenges of fitting into a new environment or school, resources such as My Magical Life may provide excellent opportunities for clergy families to discuss navigating these times, in a playful and relaxed way.

I'd love to know what you think, if there are any other books on changing schools you've found helpful, it would be great to hear from you. 

You can find this book through Book Depository for about $12.

- Matt (PK Place Leader)

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