21 February 2018

[New!] The Rhythms of Ministry

Themes & Thought! New to 2018, we'll be sharing a musing or reflection with you each month discussing various subjects relating to ministry and family life. We'd love to share the conversation with you below and hear what you think. Let us know if there's something you'd like us to explore and chat about!


The Rhythms of Ministry (January)

There's a lot of talk about a healthy work-life balance, and often how difficult it is to achieve that in professions with unpredictable, but necessary, hours. An article we read recently suggested there were ebbs and flows in ministry you have to work around. This got us thinking! What if ministry is less about a balance and more about working out the busier, quieter, and regular seasons to help you create a rhythm that includes all areas of life? Maybe that means working out what's essential for each season and what can wait for another time. Or perhaps it's creating a written schedule that helps to plan for the busier seasons in the quieter ones. Regardless of what your Ministry Rhythm looks like, and perhaps it changes with each church or family season, understanding it could give you some room to expect the sometimes chaotic hours and not be overwhelmed when the tides change.

What do you think about the Rhythms of Ministry? 

~ Rachel  

February: Just Like Everyone Else, Right?

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