1 March 2018

Clergy Families: Same, Same But Different

February Thoughts & Themes: Just Like Everyone Else, Right?! #ACFlife

One of the most common conversations we have with people, is how being a clergy family is different to any other family in another profession. Our answer is usually that clergy families are the same as other families – and also different.

So, how is it similar and why is it different?

Some clergy families tell us it’s similar to other professions; clergy kids, like teacher’s kids, may be expected to know more than others; like defence-force families, they may need to move frequently or unexpectedly, or like others in caring professions, they grow to love the people they care for, not just the work itself.

But they also tell us there are things that make being a clergy family unique; the joy of sharing ministry together as a family; regularly opening your home for ministry activities; sometimes being expected to fulfill ministry roles if the clergy worker
is unavailable; or being a family role model to others in the church community.

While there are similarities to other professions, it’s also a unique position that involves the whole family and therefore it may be helpful for employment benefits to extend to include the whole clergy family as they journey together through ministry.

How would you describe what ministry is like? Does it differ from other professions? How is it similar?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

- Matt

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