9 April 2018

Being Seen but not Known (Friendship in MInistry)

Thought & Themes: Seen but not Known
A pastor can seem like he’s known by many — he reveals a bit of himself each week to hundreds or thousands — while he’s really known by few. Revelations of himself during sermons are often like revelations over social media: Controlled vulnerability that keeps people at a distance either through over- or under-sharing.”
Elliott Grudem (Pastors Need Friends Too)
This quote has to be one of the most accurate representations of ministry challenges that I’ve heard to date. It is a difficult but common reality that many clergy and their families face in ministry, often telling me “they think they know me but they don’t know the real, let-my-hair-down me!” 

5 April 2018

PK Place: Take the Journey

Being a clergy kid (PK) is a journey.
It can be fun, it can be challenging, it can be easy, and it can be confusing. So we think it’s important for PKs, while they are on that journey, to have some stuff just for them to help them as they go (read more).

The PK Place has 3 zones:

SNAP It: Packed with crafts, challenges and puzzles to try out with their family and friends (especially great for family game nights or PK catch ups!).  

TAG It: A year-long quest to earn the Summer Mystery Box! Includes 4 school holiday quests that PKs can do with their PK friends or family.

  PK Life: A space to chat about the ups and downs of being a PK, try out some fun quizzes with your family or other PKs you might know and try out some handy ideas and life hacks!