5 April 2018

PK Place: Take the Journey

Being a clergy kid (PK) is a journey.
It can be fun, it can be challenging, it can be easy, and it can be confusing. So we think it’s important for PKs, while they are on that journey, to have some stuff just for them to help them as they go (read more).

The PK Place has 3 zones:

SNAP It: Packed with crafts, challenges and puzzles to try out with their family and friends (especially great for family game nights or PK catch ups!).  

TAG It: A year-long quest to earn the Summer Mystery Box! Includes 4 school holiday quests that PKs can do with their PK friends or family.

  PK Life: A space to chat about the ups and downs of being a PK, try out some fun quizzes with your family or other PKs you might know and try out some handy ideas and life hacks!

Parent Portal: We also have a section just for PK parents, which is a space for them to receive support and resources as they journey together a family - as well as a few fun family night ideas!

 http://www.australianclergyfamilies.com/parentportal/pk-place-thoughtsWe also want your help. PKs, parents, church members, professionals, friends of clergy families - we'd love to hear from you :) We have a range of new ideas for the PK Place and we want to know which ones you think should be part of it. If you have 5 minutes to look over our ideas, click here.

While the PK Place events and programs run on the Australian school term, we're excited to tell you that the PK Place to clergy families worldwide! So if you know a clergy family, or are part of one, drop by - we'll see you there!

~ Rachel (PK Place Leader)

www.australianclergyfamilies.com/about -- journeying together with clergy families

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